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License: MIT

Circe is a minimalist framework that can be used in OpenGL (and soon Vulkan) based applications. Circe serves as a boiler-plate solution for your graphics applications, so you don't spend time with the basics. The goal is to achieve results with fewer lines of code, but also with great flexibility. In principle, circe should allow experienced users to control advanced features, while allowing less experienced users to make use of it as well.

‍This library is my personal lib I use in my projects, at my own risk :) Please keep it in mind. But I really hope it can be useful to you too.


Here is some of what Circe can provide to you:

some features
rendering shadow map, texture maps, hdr, pbr, deferred rendering, ssbos, uniform buffers
scene instancing, built-in shapes, GPU picking
UI imgui included, profiler view, console output, gizmo, file dialog

Check the [gallery]() for more images and examples.



You can find Circe at github.

>Please check the build and link instructions to learn how to build and use circe into your project.

But if are impatient, here is what you can do:

git clone
cd circe
mkdir build
cd build
cmake .. -DINSTALL_PATH=/my/install/location
make -j8 install

and to compile along with your code here is what to do:

# compilation command
g++ -I/my/install/location/include \
-l/my/install/location/lib/libcirce.a \
-l/my/install/location/lib/libglad.a \
-l/my/install/location/lib/libglfw3.a \
-l/my/install/location/lib/libtinyobjloader.a \
-lpthread \
-lX11 \
-ldl \
# run
hello circe!

‍I've been developing Circe under Ubuntu 20.04 and Nvidia, I have no idea how it behaves on other configurations.


Please feel free to contact me by e-mail :)